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Waste Management Large Automotive Tier 1 Supplier

Waste Management Large Automotive Tier 1 Supplier

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Waste Management Large Automotive Tier 1 Supplier

Negotation & Contract Management

Challenge / Requirement

During the initial plant start up and production commencement phase of a new Greenfield site, the incumbent waste management supplier was deemed to not be performing to the required standard, with missed collections, incorrect collections, and unhelpful customer service.


Through discussions with the client’s internal users of the service and with the senior managers at the waste management supplier it was discovered that communication between the companies had fallen into an adhoc manner with the incorrect persons being relied upon to relay important information between companies. This resulted in collection requests and responses being delayed or lost causing frustration on both sides.


An action plan was created outlining formalised communication channels and points of contact defined with specific roles and responsibilities. Escalation hierarchy was agreed with both supplier and user to enable clear communication of requirements with swift and efficient escalation when required.

Scheduled collection timetables were established and agreed with clear processes for exceptional “emergency requirements”. Contract management principles instilled in both parties with regular contract review meetings scheduled to discuss progress against action plan and future relation development.


As a result of the action plan, late or missed collections were eliminated, frustration removed was from the relationship by assigning clear roles and responsibilities. The relationship began to develop with more focus being placed on cost and efficiency projects and less on reactionary “emergency action”.


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