Hybrid Payment Structure

As you can imagine, our hybrid payment structure contains elements of all three individual payment options: Gainshare, Project (Fixed cost), and Pay for Performance (hourly). This option marries the benefits of two or more of the structures to create a more bespoke solution suited to the needs of our clients.

A hybrid structure is most commonly used for large or complex projects in which there may be different elements or sub-projects. Each sub element can have its own payment structure depending on the scope, helping to spread the financial burden on the client and maximise their return on investment.

Adopting a hybrid payment model provides greater flexibility for both the client and the specialist in developing a more dynamic project structure.

The client:

A hybrid model helps the client manage the financial demands of the relationship with a consultant or specialist. Segmenting specific tasks into distinct projects allows for individual payment milestones to be allocated, helping to manage cash flow and minimise potential overspend across a large project due to one sub-task.

The Specialist:

Adopting a hybrid model allows the specialist greater vision and focus towards the individual elements of what may be a large and complex project. By working with the client to segment each key aspect out into distinct projects, assigning individual payment structures, the specialist is able to then better ascertain the client’s insight into their requirements for the different levels of the project.

How SCB Procurement Solutions Support Hybrid payment structures

We understand that the nature and complexity of an organisation’s supply chain is unique and as such, the path and strategy for development and transformation is as unique. No one payment structure can possibly provide the best prospect when looking at opportunities for growth.

SCB Procurement Solutions always look to reduce the burden on businesses seeking to grow and improve and will always propose the lowest cost solution to help our clients maximise their benefit and impact from any work we undertake on their behalf.

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