Historically the assumptions of hiring consultants is one of expense, paying extortionate day rates with little guarantee of return on investment. Coupled with creating noise and disruption within a stable business environment, making elaborate (often unsustainable) changes and taking their large fee and walking away.

SCB Procurement Solutions operate rather differently, we actively develop long term relationships with our clients providing sustainable solutions which builds a stable platform for businesses in successfully achieving their short, medium, and long term goals.

To help provide a low risk return on investment we offer different costing solutions which can be tailored to your individual tasks in hand, offering greater control over how projects are funded whilst maximising benefits.


A specified hourly or day rate paid until for ongoing or interim requirements. This model is best suited to process or task based assignments including:

  • Contract Review
  • Process Review/Creation
  • Supplier mapping


A price is agreed in advance for a defined project or task, if the task agreed takes longer, then the additional cost is absorbed by us. This model is best suited to defined work packages with clear agreed timeframe, objectives and outcomes including:

  • Cost negotiation
  • Strategy creation
  • Spend Analysis


This model helps to realise full Return on Investment (ROI) as the fee payable is a percentage of the saving made. Useful with sourcing or cost savings projects.

  • Cost reduction projects (including sourcing and supplier negotiations)
  • Outsourcing
  • Collaborative Network Purchasing


Best suited to large inclusive projects which contain elements from multiple costing solutions

SCB Procurement have extensive experience working with different types of companies and understand the unique financial pressures each company experiences. By offering many different cost models there will be a solution which provides not only sustainable growth, development and cost savings but also proven Return on Investment.

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