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In the modern hyper competitive business environment, companies are constantly looking for a competitive edge to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Even if you are lucky enough to operate in a niche environment it is vitally important to ensure your business is as efficient as possible.

The supply chain is the heart of the business, supplying products and services to all aspects of the organisation and transporting finished products out to customers. As large organisations have come to understand, it is important to perform a health check on the supply chain periodically to maintain an efficient flow of goods and services.

Supply chain and Spend analytics is a broad heading enveloping many different analytical disciplines helping businesses build a detailed picture of the health and effectiveness of their procurement and supply chain function. The results of a well-structured supply chain analysis will highlight any areas of risk or waste, offer opportunities for cost reduction and process efficiencies.

Often referred to as Spend analysis, Direct spend analysis or Supplier spend analysis, Supply chain and spend analytics form the foundation of any robust and successful purchasing activity. From sourcing to process optimisation, the results of relevant analysis provide a benchmark and allow for effective KPIs to be introduced to measure success in a realistic format.

Supply chain or spend analysis can be very time consuming not conduct and require specialist knowledge to interpret the results and present into a meaningful format. Many companies fail to realise the benefits highlighted through supply chain analytics due to inconsistent implementation or misaligned interpretation of the results.

SCB Procurement Solutions are well suited to assist with all aspects of supply chain and spend analytics, from initial data sanitisation through to fully managed analytics service. Following the successful capture and formatting, SCB Procurement Solutions can help interrogate the results and present the results in a useable format, highlighting all areas best practice, potential risk, and opportunities for improvement.

Using the information gained, we can work with you to build a comprehensive purchasing and supply chain strategy or conduct distinct projects to help you realise the potential cost and efficiency savings.

Procurement Solutions

Business Needs Analysis

Analysing and understanding the requirements of the individual business in relation to how its purchasing and supply chain functions operate and interact with both internal and external stakeholders including suppliers, providing a holistic view of the complete end to end supply chain process.

Supply Market, Supplier Spend Analysis

Maintaining a clear understanding of supply market for the specific relevant product and service areas utilised by your business provides for better supply chain leverage and allows for greater flexibility to maximise potential opportunities in the supply market as they arise.

Business Spend, Direct Spend Analysis

Conducting an in-depth analysis of your business spend (both direct and indirect) utilising class leading modelling techniques including Spend Cube analysis, Kraljic’s Matrix and ABC analysis. This provides a clear understanding of the effectiveness of your purchasing function and can highlight potential areas of improvement and cost saving.


procurement & spend analysis services

Strategy Definition

Utilising the different analysis techniques offered by SCB Procurement Solutions, we can help define and implement a tailored suite of purchasing and supply chain strategies to greatly increase the effectiveness of your purchasing function.

Supply Chain Mapping

Understanding each point in the supply chain for the components, materials, or services you purchase is an important ethical element of modern business. SCB Procurement Solutions can map the different suppliers and supply routes for your business helping minimise any negative ethical and environmental impact associated with supply chain activities.

Process Optimisation and Outsourcing

Within any purchasing function there are many operations conducted daily which add no significant value to your business. SCB Procurement Solutions can help to identify these processes and either provide an outsourced solution or assist in sourcing the most effective outsourced supplier, allowing your team to focus more on the tasks with add value to your clients.



To be successful in the unpredictable modern business environment, it is important to be as efficient and agile as possible. For SMEs to compete on a true international stage they need to show they are effectively managing their supply chain and actively looking at cost reduction and management. Large organisations often require SMEs to provide detailed price breakdowns and in depth information regarding their supply chain activities.

Smaller companies who actively engage with ongoing supply chain analysis portray a more professional image to larger potential customers, instilling confidence in the operation of their supply chain and showing a willingness to actively engage in cost saving and efficiency exercises.

SCB Procurement Solutions have a wealth of experience with both small local businesses and large international organisations, we are well positioned to provide your business with the best possible opportunity to engage with large organisations, providing the level of supply chain reassurance large organisations seek out and prioritise when choosing new sources of supply.


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