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The supply chain is at the heart of any business, encompassing all points on the business timeline from obtaining raw materials and components, managing stock and production capacity, ensuring the facility operates correctly, through to transporting finished products to the end consumer.

The supply chain can be quite simple, containing only a few points from end to end. Or it can be an immensely complex organism spanning different countries and containing structured operations.

Although the supply chain is vital to the successful operation of any business it is also one of the areas which is commonly overlooked. Without consistent and effective management, the supply chain can become very wasteful and impact significantly on all functions of the business making it increasingly difficult to retain customers and suppliers. Ultimately causing damaging effect to a business.

It is important for businesses of all sizes to objectively assess their supply chain function periodically and look strategically at opportunties to reduce cost and increase efficiencies. Understanding how your supply chain operates both upstream (suppliers) and downstream (customers), managing the processes, developing strong relationships and looking o develop sustainability will help instil confidence within the supply chain partners and help solidify the successful operation of your business.

Supply chain operations can appear complex even in the simplest setting, understanding how to obtain industry leading performance through best practice methodologies including: Lean, Just In Time and Kaizen can be daunting. Having a source of knowledge and expertise in these areas can sometimes mean the difference between successful endeavours or missed opportunities.

SCB Procurement Solutions have experience of managing and implementing best in class supply chains in many different industries. We can provide differing levels of assistance and support to best suit requirements.

The foundation of any leading supply chain is understanding how products move through the business from point of requirement identification through to end consumer. SCB Procurement Solutions can offer analyse all points of the supply chain and identify potential strategies which maximise opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce cost or remove bottlenecks.

From initial data analysis to strategy development, implementation and training, we are well suited to support your supply chain needs.


Cost Management

Optimising both cost and cashflow are integral to the effective growth of any business. Interrogating the current position and identifying areas of improvement can significantly improve a company’s competitiveness.

Purchase to Pay (P2P) Review

Reviewing the purchasing process flow within a business from identification of purchasing requirement through to payment of purchase invoice can be a powerful tool in ensuring a robust and flexible function with the ability to react better to unexpected requirements.

Supply Chain Mapping

Creating a map showing the full supply chain process for the business’s product range including all supply chain transport and production processes, enabling the business to capitalise on opportunities for cost reduction.


Materials Management

Understanding how inputs for your business enter, are stored, processed and transported can ensure any bottlenecks and process waste can be removed or managed to ensure the most effective use of resources in the daily business function.

Process Support

Daily purchasing activity can become all-consuming resulting in a “firefighting” mentality of the staff involved, by remvoing or minimising some of the non-value added functions i.e. simple indirect purchases, your staff are able to focus more on the important aspects of their role.

Contract Coverage and Risk

Ensuring your supplier relationships are managed through preferred and robust trading terms and conditions is vitally important to minimise the risks associated with purchasing. Maintaining comprehensive business risk registers and recovery plans guarding against supplier failure can help manage future problems.



Large organisations are now paying increasing attention not only to their own internal supply chain but also to the supply chains of suppliers they work with. For an SME to operate an efficient, ethical and robust supply chain operation is seen as a sizeable benefit when sourcing new supply options

Understanding the importance of an effective supply chain not only reduces cost and increases efficiency but can also increase sales and profit. An agile supply chain operation can react significantly quicker to changes in customer demands and also the wider market, providing opportunities to ‘get the jump’ on competitors and exploit new opportunities faster and more effectively.

Governments and legislative bodies are constantly striving to ensure companies are operating ethically and sustainably, new legislation is being introduced regularly emphasising a company’s ethical responsibility not only within their organisation but also within their wider supply chain.


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